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Meals come with a set protein and carb, please select your vegetable choice.


Ingredients: Coming soon 


  • 4 oz. Meat
  • 6 oz. Carb
  • 8 oz. Veggie


  • 6 oz. Meat
  • 8 oz. Carb
  • 8 oz. Veggie


  • 8 oz. Meat
  • 12 oz. Carb
  • 4 oz. Veggie


Allergens can be provided "if necessary” or please contact us if you have a food allergy/sensitivity so we can provide you with that information.

Swedish Meatballs w/ Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

  • If you have a special request please email us directly

  • Fresh Fork orders are due each Thursday. If you have questions, please contact us at Pick-up for all athlete meals will be at the Tobias Center.